AZ Series - Dynamic speed and Position

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AZ Series - Dynamic speed and Position

Post by dp1 » Mon Dec 16, 2019 2:16 am

According the AZ Series Function Edition (HM-60262-7)

As I understand, under standard programming using Stored Data Operation
- 256 Operations can be preset/stored at adresses 1800h...57C0h
- Each operation starts from a motor halt state, motor speed increases,
remains constant for a while and finally decreases until the motor
halts again at its target position.
- These operations can be chained, but between two operations the motor inevitably has to stop.

My question now is (for the AZM911AC)

Is it somehow possible to change the target end position and the operating speed during an operation?
Meaning is it possible to have an adaptive operating speed during an operation?
Meaning is it possible to alter the amount to travel once an operation was started?

Is that überhaupt possible, if so
which would be the technique to reach that behavior?

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Re: AZ Series - Dynamic speed and Position

Post by om_tech_support_KR » Mon Dec 16, 2019 2:04 pm

Hi dp1,

It is not possible to change the end position or operating speed during an operation you would have to wait until the motor stops to change this. You can have a couple of linked motions without the motor coming to a stop between the 2 operations. Under link you would choose Continuous sequential operation for it to link operations without stopping. You can change speeds on the fly using the FW-POS or RV-POS inputs and choose the speed written in the operation data. With this method you can't control the position only the speed. It will run as long as the input in on and when you turn it off it will decelerate to a stop.

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