Running Two Motors with One Fuji Drive

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Running Two Motors with One Fuji Drive

Postby om_tech_support_PB » Fri Sep 28, 2018 11:54 am

Q: I see that the Fuji motor controllers have a multi-motor control feature. I want to run two different sized motors off one Fuji inverter, but I realize that motor specifications must be set in the Fuji drive to optimize motor performance. How do I switch operation between two different sized motors?

A: Yes, our Fuji drives do have a feature that allows a user to switch operation between two motors of different sizes. In order to do that, a few specifications need to be checked and parameters need to be set. Let’s use the following parts as an example: Fuji drive FRN0001C2S-6U, and AC induction motors 5IK60VA-ES (we’ll call motor 1) and 3IK15A-SW2 (we’ll call motor 2).

First, it would require these two motors to have their own separate wiring circuit to the drive. An operator could use a switch/relay to choose between the two motors to run them individually. Next, we would need to verify that the motors have a rated current draw that is less than the Fuji drive’s rated output current. In this case, motor 1 has a rated input current of 0.33A, and motor 2 has a rated input current of 0.15A. The Fuji drive has a rated output current of 0.7A. Therefore, these motors can be run using this drive.
Now we need to setup the parameters for motor 1 and motor 2 in the drive. Referencing page 208 (9-6) of the Fuji Electric User manual, we first need to assign terminal block function X1 (code E01), X2 (code E02), or X3 (code E03) to 12- M2/M1. This input will allow the operator to switch between Motor 1 parameters and Motor 2 parameters when initiated. You can find a photo showing this below.

TerminalFunctions.png (199.04 KiB) Viewed 631 times

Next, we can look at page 254 (9-52) of the manual for a list comparing the Function codes of motor 1 and motor 2. You can find a photo of the list below. Please make sure to look through all these function codes and change them accordingly for each motor as each system will be different. For more information on those function codes, please see the appropriate section of the manual. If using a 15W motor, you can see the following forum on setting parameters for using a 15W motor:

FunctionCodes.png (230.4 KiB) Viewed 631 times

Following the steps above should allow the operator to switch between two motors. Keep in mind that switching is only possible when the motor is stopped. For any further questions regarding this feature, please contact tech support.

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