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Simple FWD-RWD cycle - Possible with BLE2?

Posted: Thu Oct 08, 2020 1:40 am
by nicola.crepaldi
Question from a newbie: I'm using a BLE2 unit on a low speed gear pump.
I would like to make a simple dosing system driven by a proximity sensor, but with a twist:
When the sensor is on the motor will run CW for a limited time, when is off it will run CCW for half a second or similar. Then it stops until triggered again. So it's a cycle, like: 2 sec CW, 0,5 sec CCW (at a pre determined speed), stop.
Therefore there's some programming to do. I'm looking at the provided software but it seems I can only switch on and off the motor with the sensor, but not much more.
Do I need a more complex PLC? Is there something suitable and easy to program in Orientalmotor range?
Is something doable with an Arduino or similar?

Thank you!

Re: Simple FWD-RWD cycle - Possible with BLE2?

Posted: Thu Oct 08, 2020 11:43 am
by om_tech_support_KR

For the BLE2 to perform this operation you will need a controller to turn on the CW and CCW inputs when using 2-wire mode. If you using 3-wire mode 1 input would become CW/CCW but you would start the motion by have the START/STOP and RUN/BRAKE inputs on. Then it would rotate CW when off and CCW when on. With 3-wire mode you can stop the motion by turning off the RUN/BRAKE input. The timing charts are referenced on pages 28 for 2-wire mode and page 29 for 3-wire mode. ... -5105E.pdf

For our other series that can perform positioning operations like BX2, AR, RK2 and AZ you can program the position you want to move in steps and link a second movement with a dwell time between them but this would be based on positions not on time.