Modbuscommunication between AZD-KD driver and S7 1200

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Modbuscommunication between AZD-KD driver and S7 1200

Postby Rieneu » Tue Aug 08, 2017 6:20 am


I have 2 AZM46AK Motors with AZD-KD drivers. I use modbus RTU for communication with my SPS.
There I have a Siemens S7 1200 with a communication-modul CM1241. For programming the SPS I use TIA PORTAL. It's the first time that I use modbus RTU.

I read the dokumentation az_funktion_edition but I don't understand how I can bring the motor in that position I need with modbus.
The settings for communication (baud parity etc.) are clear and set with a "MB_COMM_LOAD_DB" in TIA Portal.
Now I have the "MB_MASTER_DB" for the comunication with the Driver. But I don't understand how I have to fill the missing parameter.

Thanks for helping
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Re: Modbuscommunication between AZD-KD driver and S7 1200

Postby om_tech_support_JS » Wed Aug 09, 2017 7:16 am

Hi Rieneu,

In regards to your post, unfortunately we are not familiar with the SPS and TIA PORTAL. Therefore, there would be no information that we have in regards to your specific "MB_MASTER_DB" as this is something that is unique to your components.

What we can help you with is the typical operation of the Modbus communication. It sounds like you have already walked through the Guidance steps on pages 244-247 of the AZ Function Manual (linked below): ... 60262E.pdf

Once these steps have been completed, then you will be able to start communicating to the driver via an RS-485 communication cable. Modbus communication will allow you to read and write to specific holding registers. In order to read and write, you will need to follow a specific Query. The query structure can be found on page 233 of the manual. One of the main registers that you will need to write to in order to control the motor is the 007Dh (125 decimal) Command Register which can be found on page 256 of the manual.

Lastly, in order to set the position and speeds that you wish to operate, you will need to write to the Operation Data registers which can be found on page 377. Alternatively, you can connect the AZD-AD driver to your PC and use our MEXE02 software in order to pre-program the speeds and positions that you wish to operate. A link to download the free MEXE02 software is below:

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