HELP! How to program PKA566KD stepper motor

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HELP! How to program PKA566KD stepper motor

Postby zjm940328 » Wed Mar 22, 2017 2:37 am


I read some posts about the NEXE02 software to find that it can only make stepper motor to run 4 lines of the data; however, I need to make the motor to generate a sine wave motion. Is it possible for me to use NEXE02 to do this or is there any other software I can use to program the motor, like Labview?



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Re: HELP! How to program PKA566KD stepper motor

Postby om_tech_support_JS » Wed Mar 22, 2017 9:27 am

Hi JZ,

In regards to your question, the PKA566KD stepper motor is an All-in-One stepper motor package. The driver which is part of the All-in-One system is a built-in controller (stored data) type driver. This product has the label FLEX which means that you can control the motor via I/O, Modbus, or an FA network.

When connected to the MEXE02 software, you can save the data sets to the driver. Up to 64 data sets can be saved. From these sets, there is an option to link some data sets together. When linking data sets together, only a maximum of 4 sets can be linked. This means that you can only operate a maximum of 4 sets from one start input. Any more would require another start input.

Often times, a PLC is connected to the product in order to provide the start signals. If you use a PLC that provides I/O control, then you will only be able to operate a maximum of 8 data sets as there are only 4 inputs on the PKA566KD package (inputs M0, M1, M2, and START would need to be used). Alternatively, you could use a PLC with Modbus communication (Or an FA network with a Modbus converter) in order to achieve motion from this product. If you use the Modbus communication, then you will have access to all 64 data sets that are on the product. Please note that using Modbus communication will still require the PLC to execute multiple start inputs in order to achieve your complete motion profile.

However, none of our products offer S-Curves (Sine curves). You would need a controller that is able to provide this motion profile. Furthermore, the built-in controller type would not be compatible with a controller that offers this motion profile. Instead a pulse input type driver would most likely be needed, however, there are no All-in-One packages that we offer with pulse input type drivers.

As for your question on using Labview, it is possible to use Labview with one of our products. It is recommended to download the NI (National Instruments) Modbus LIbrary. Further information on he connection of our products to Labview can be found on our forum by doing a keyword search for Labview. ... &sa=Search

Modbus library for NI LabView? post:

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