Using AZ's EL-Preset Input

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Using AZ's EL-Preset Input

Post by om_tech_support_PB » Mon Apr 20, 2020 12:53 pm

Q: I am aware that the AZ series has a P-Preset input that resets the mechanical home position, but what is the EL-PRST and when would it be used?

A: The P-Preset input resets the motor’s encoder count, so it can be used to set the mechanical home position, allowing a high speed return-to-home operation. This is stored in the non-volatile memory. It is factory set to a value of 0, but it is possible to reset it to any value that is preferred using the “Position Preset” parameter under “Base Settings” in our MEXE02 software.
EL-PRST is an electrical home preset that can be used if needed. It is not stored in the non-volatile memory. It will retain the mechanical home position, but declare a new electrical home position when the input is turned on, so it allows operation in a “new” coordinate system.
For example, let’s say there is a linear cutting application where there is a mechanical home on the left for changing the cutting tool, and then three pieces to be cut- each 20cm long and 10cm apart. But the first piece is at an unknown or different distance from the mechanical home every time, and the cutting process required two passes. To run the operation, the mechanical home could be set using P-Preset. Then the motor could be jogged to the first piece, and EL-PRST could be activated to set an electrical home position. The three cuts could be made, and then the motor could be returned back to the electrical home position (using a move of Absolute 0*) to start the process again for the second cut. Once finished, EL-PRST would be turned off and ZHOME would be activated to bring the motor to the mechanical home to change the tool.

*Please note that ZHOME cannot be performed while EL-PRST is activated since it references the mechanical home position, so that is why a move of Absolute 0 is necessary.

In short, the EL-PRST input can be used to create a new, temporary home position without completely removing the mechanical home position.

If you have any questions on this input, please contact Tech Support.

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