IN-POS Output Delay Time for AZ

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IN-POS Output Delay Time for AZ

Post by om_tech_support_PB » Fri Apr 17, 2020 11:34 am

Q: I have an application in which I am using the IN-POS output to determine when my operation has ended so I can have the next motion run directly after, but the delay time is too long. It’s almost half a second after the movement has ended. How do I decrease the time between when my movement ends and when the IN-POS output turns on? I included a photo of the waveform monitor to help explain. The IN-POS output (yellow) turns on about 0.4 seconds after the motor has reached its commanded position (blue).
Photo 1.png
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A: The IN-POS output is used to output a signal when the positioning operation has completed. You can adjust the range of when this signal turns on using the “IN-POS positioning completion signal range” parameter. An example is shown below.
Photo 2.png
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You can also offset this signal to happen earlier or later than the target position using the “IN-POS positioning completion signal offset” parameter. An example is shown below as well.
Photo 3.png
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Information on both of these parameters can be found on page 208-209 of the AZ series Function manual. Adjusting these values should affect the delay time that you are seeing. There is also another parameter that can affect the delay time of the IN-POS output, which is the Starting Speed parameter. This is the speed that the motor will start at for operations. A photo below shows where to find it in the MEXE02 software. Initial value for AZ is 500Hz.
Photo 4.png
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If this value is set to 0, a large delay will be caused between the end of motion and the IN-POS output turning on. The photos below show the same motion as before, but with the Starting Speed adjusted to 10 Hz and 100Hz. However please avoid setting this value too high to avoid abrupt starts.
Photo 5.png
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Photo 6.png
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For any other questions regarding the IN-POS output, please contact us at [email protected] or call 1-800-468-3982.

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