RS485 Communication Error "84h"

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RS485 Communication Error "84h"

Post by aranoo » Thu Feb 20, 2020 11:35 am

Hello everyone,

I have a machine with 2 motors connected through RS485, one is a oriental stepper running on the ARD-KD drive and another one a stepper motor from JVL. (PLC > oriental > JVL setup).

For some reason this particular machine is generating the "84h" error code untill eventually the drive goes into error and has to be power-cycled in order for it to work again. The machine operates as intended untill that happens.

I have 2 of these machines somewhere else, which should be completely identical to this one running without any problems or errors at all. This would suggest that all of my software should be fine. I was told that changes have been made to the wiring of the RS485 (from parallel to serial) but none of that has been documented unfortunately.

I also noticed that there are no terminating resistors present (also not in the 2 working machines i mentioned before though working perfectly fine), though i've been told that this should be always nescessary. Could this also be a trigger for the "84h" error?

Cables used are according to the standards and wired according to the manual.

Hopefully someone can guide me into the right direction. Any suggestions are welcome!

Thank you.

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