open loop miss following

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open loop miss following

Post by om_tech_support_MD » Fri Jan 31, 2020 12:39 pm

Question: I want an open loop stepper motor to follow the motion of a closed loop step motor synchronized as close as possible. I am using the ASG/BSG output on the AZ driver as the pulse and direction signal on the CVD driver. The master is operating as expected, but the follower is miss stepping. They are moving the same load and have the same torque specification. Why is the open loop stepper miss stepping?

It is an important note that our closed loop AZ and AR steppers can handle a much larger inertia load than our PKP open loop steppers. It is possible that the open loop stepper is missing steps but the closed loop stepper is not missing any steps. You must make sure both steppers can handle the load inertia, as our closed loop steppers can accelerate much faster. If your load inertia is too large, you will miss a step or stall out causing the open loop stepper to be in a different location then the closed loop stepper. The solution would be to switch to a closed loop stepper, slow down your acceleration, or make sure the stepper can handle the inertia.
stepper permissible inertia.png
stepper permissible inertia.png (91.69 KiB) Viewed 2399 times
Our closed loop steppers can handle a larger inertia due to the closed loop Alpha step technology we developed. With our closed loop steppers, the command and actual position will be the same and you will not have the problem of miss stepping.

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