AZD-KD Current Draw

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AZD-KD Current Draw

Post by om_tech_support_CF » Mon Jan 06, 2020 12:51 pm

Q: I have an AZD-KD Driver that has power and allows me to write to the drive, but when I try to jog the motor via teaching mode, I get the error “Main Power Supply Off.” I have my driver connected to a 24 VDC 3.0 A power supply. I am using the EZSM6E040AZMK.

A: Your power source does not have enough current to run your motor. In order to find the required current for the motor equipped with this actuator we need to navigate to the EZS Series Operating Manual under the download tab of the EZSM6E040AZMK part number . Page 3 lists the motor model for each actuator. ... 181-5E.pdf

AC & DC Motor.png
AC & DC Motor.png (137.77 KiB) Viewed 2460 times

With the motor model number (AZM66MK) we now navigate to the AZ Series Operating Manual which can be found on the AZD-KD product page. Page 15 lists the required current for each motor. You can see we need 3.8 A or more. ... 315-2E.pdf

Curent Draw.png
Curent Draw.png (55.87 KiB) Viewed 2460 times
The “or more” rating refers to the fact that a larger power source can be used, but a minimum of 3.8 A is required.

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