AZD-K and SCX-11 Integration

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AZD-K and SCX-11 Integration

Post by lbarger » Sun Sep 15, 2019 7:18 am

I am having issues getting the SCX-11 to control the operation of an AZD-K driver that came with the EZS4-D030-AZAK linear rail.

I followed the wiring instructions from the forum page I also set the home position using the method described in the manual for the AZD-K. The SCX11 is set to sink, with 24VDC.

Initially, the SCX11 would immediately signal a driver alarm (7 blinks) so I started exploring the I/O assignments. After a few alterations, the alarm is no longer present and I can move the rail to absolute coordinates, but issues still remain.

1) The system will not home, says "motion or I/O settings are incompatible".
2) Enabling or disabling the current in IMC has no effect (Current always on in driver).

I suspect the issues pertain to the I/O configurations in IMC, MEXE02, or both. Any guidance will be greatly appreciated.

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