Using the PLS-DIS Input on AZ

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Using the PLS-DIS Input on AZ

Post by om_tech_support_PB » Mon Apr 15, 2019 1:10 pm

Q: I am using the SCX11 controller with pulse input type driver AZD-A. I have a motor running a vertical linear ball screw that opens a door. I need a solution that will hold my door open and dismiss any further motion commands until told otherwise. I cannot use the FREE input as I do not have a brake type motor, so my door would drop shut. How do I keep my door open while preventing the motor from moving if given an undesired motion command?

A: First, we would recommend using a brake type motor as this would prevent the door from dropping and causing any damage in the case of a power failure.
Second, as far as your current setup is concerned, you could use the PLS-DIS input on the AZ. With this input activated, it allows the driver to ignore any pulses received, thus preventing motion, but leaves holding torque on the motor.
photo0.jpg (6.06 KiB) Viewed 2852 times

You can configure this input on the AZ using the MEXE02 software. Photo 1 is shown below on how to configure 1 of the available inputs as the PLS-DIS input.
(Photo 1: DIN9 input is being configured as PLS-DIS.)
photo1.jpg (76.71 KiB) Viewed 2852 times

That input can be wired to and operated directly, or can be operated through the SCX11. If wired to directly, please see the wiring diagrams in the AZ manual: ... 262-6E.pdf
If operated through the SCX11, then an input on the SCX11 would need to be associated with a driver output, and that would need to be wired to the AZ PLS-DIS input. Photos 2 and 3 below show an example using the Torque Limiting input in the SCX11 software.

(Photo 2: An input is assigned to torque limiting.)
photo2.jpg (74.72 KiB) Viewed 2852 times

(Photo 3: A driver output is assigned to torque limiting.)
photo3.png (42.42 KiB) Viewed 2852 times

(Photo 4: Pin layout of the SCX11 driver output connector shows OUT4 is pin 8.)
photo4.png (106.51 KiB) Viewed 2852 times

Since Output 4 is used (Photo 3), then OUT4, or pin 8 (Photo 4), would need to be connected to the AZ PLS-DIS input. This would allow the PLS-DIS input to be operated through the SCX11 controller.

For further questions on setting this up, please contact Tech Support at [email protected] or 1800-468-3982.

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