Stepper Driver Help?

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Stepper Driver Help?

Post by Greg_M » Wed Jun 16, 2021 3:15 pm

New boy needs stepper driver help.

I have a telescope mount with two Vextra Model PH265L-05.
These are 1.4v---3.8A---6 wire steppers.
I need help selecting a controller that will run these steppers.

#1 motor is used to drive the Right Ascension drive. It turns at a constant speed to keep the object I am looking at in the eyepiece.
It would be nice if it could zoom a little forward or backward to center the object and then return to its constant rate..

#2 motor is used to drive the Declination Axis so I can look further south or further north. It is only used to make fine adjustments or zoom over to where the object I want to look at is.
It would be nice if I could hook it to a joystick that would make it go faster the harder you pushed on it. Otherwise it just sits there.

It would be very handy if these would run on a car battery, but if not, I can supply what ever voltage is required.

I would be glad to answer any questions anyone might have.

Thank you

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Re: Stepper Driver Help?

Post by om_tech_support_KR » Thu Jun 17, 2021 1:54 pm


For the PH265L-05 stepper motor unfortunately we currently don't offer a driver that can offer the 3.8 A/phase this motor requires. Our 2 phase unipolar driver can only offer up to 2.0 A/phase. As for controllers we offer the single axis SCX11 controller. You can program the positions on the controller via USB with our Immediate Motion Creator for SCX software and run them from the I/O or you can use RS-232C and CANopen communication for programming and control. ... ller/scx11

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