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NX: Speed Control Range

Posted: Tue Nov 27, 2012 4:35 pm
by om_tech_support_JT
Q: What is the speed control range of the NX series servo motor system? Can I set it for 1 RPM? I'm using speed control mode.

A: The answer depends on if you are using the NX system in its default factory setting, or if you are using "extended functions" of the additional control module, OPX-2A, or data setting software, MEXE02. In its default analog input setting (potentiometer VR1 or DC voltage input V-REF), the settable speed range at the motor is 10 to 5500 RPM. If you are using either the OPX-2A control module or the MEXE02 software, then you can actually digitally program your speeds; then your speed range increases slightly to 1 to 5500 RPM in increments of 1 RPM.