Synchronizing Multiple NX Servo Systems

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Synchronizing Multiple NX Servo Systems

Post by om_tech_support_JT » Thu May 17, 2012 3:50 pm

Q: I need to have 2 reels operating at the same exact speed as a master and slave, and start/stop at the same exact time. In other words, I need to have the 2nd reel to duplicate whatever the 1st reel does. How do I achieve this with your NX series?

A: Here are methods that we would suggest; assuming that all hardware/software parameters are set exactly the same in both NX drivers (like speed, acceleration/deceleration, resolution, rigidity....etc.).
1. Use 1 switch that will turn on either the CW or the CCW inputs on both NX drivers to start motion in speed control mode at the same time. Preset speeds digitally with OPX-2A or MEXE02.
2. Use a multi-axis controller like EMP402 to synchronize motion and provide pulse/direction signals to both NX drivers in position control mode. Use the parallel processing function to start both motors at the same time.
3. Use one output (perhaps a relay in between) from something like SCX10 to control 2 inputs at the same time on the NX driver in speed control mode. Preset speeds digitally with OPX-2A or MEXE02.
4. Feed ASG/BSG outputs from one NX driver to the CW/CCW inputs of another NX driver in position control mode. We'll also have to set the pulse mode to Phase Difference input mode to accept the quadrature output of the ASG/BSG pulse signals. However, there is a 0.1 ms delay between the start of motion motion to pulse output (max).

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