Introducing the NX Series Servo Motor Systems

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Introducing the NX Series Servo Motor Systems

Post by om_tech_support_JT » Wed Apr 04, 2012 9:20 am

Oriental Motor USA is proud to announce the introduction of our NX Series servo motor, available in round shaft, or with a planetary gearhead, and optional electromechanical brake. Wattages range from 50 watts up to 750 watts. Unique to Oriental Motor, all NX Series packages include a motor, driver, gearhead and 3 meter (9.8 ft.) motor & encoder cables in one part number. Round shaft models are available to ship in 5 business days and geared and electromechanical brake models in 9 business days.

The features of the NX series include easy selection, quick setup, automatic tuning, IP65 rating, ability to drive high inertial loads, absolute data/battery backup option, and pre-assembled cables. There are 4 specific control modes you can set to change how the NX motor is controlled: Position Mode, Speed Control Mode, Torque Control Mode, and Tension Control Mode. Position Mode allows you to perform highly accurate positioning motion with the built-in, high resolution 20-bit absolute encoder. Speed Control Mode allows you to maintain a speed regulation of +/-0.05% even with changes in load, voltage, or temperature. The reduction of motor cogging torque and the addition of a high resolution encoder have substantially reduced variation in rotation in the low speed range (flutter), which results in smoother operation even at low speeds. Torque Control Mode allows you to accurately control the torque output of the motor. Tension Control Mode allows you to preset and maintain a tension force in a winding application without the need for a tension detector or an additional control device.

The NX series is the 1st ever release of a servo motor series for the North and South American market. The addition of this brand new family of motors to our already massive product breadth of AC motors, brushless motors, step motors, linear actuators, and fans, will allow us to offer more options than ever before to our customers.

Actual Release: Dec 2011

For more information regarding the NX series servo motor systems, please click the link below: ... index.html

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