UL Listed vs UL Recognized

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UL Listed vs UL Recognized

Postby om_tech_support_JT » Thu Jul 31, 2014 2:01 pm

Q: What is the difference between “UL Listed” versus “UL Recognized”?

A: A: The difference between these two is that a “UL Listed” product has been fully tested while the “UL Recognized” label applies only to a component in the finished product.

Below are the different UL labels:
UL listed label.png
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UL recognized label.png
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● UL Standards (United States, Canada)
UL, or Underwriters Laboratories Inc., is a nonprofit
testing organization that was founded
in 1894 by a group of American fire insurance
companies. Their aim was to prevent loss
of human life and damage to property from
fires and other hazards by ensuring that
machinery, tools and materials were safe. To
this end, UL developed a variety of tests and
research methods for machinery, tools and
materials, which resulted in the compilation
of the UL Standards. These standards are
used for common items such as electronic
equipment, motor-powered devices and electronic parts. The most
important aspect to the UL Standards for a manufacturer is that
legal provisions in most American states require that such products
must have passed the relevant UL safety tests and be listed in
the UL Directory before being offered for sale. There are cases
where insurers refuse to cover the risk of fire or damage caused
by a product that is not UL-listed. Under such circumstances the
customer will obviously only purchase items that are UL-listed. For a
product that is to be sold in the United States, recognition or listing
by UL is recommended.
Also, UL has been accredited as a verification agency by the
Standards Council of Canada (SCC) and recognized by all Canadian
provinces. Therefore, it is possible to have testing for Canadian
safety standards performed at UL. Products that are recognized as
conforming with Canadian safety standards can display the C-UL
mark and their sale and use is permitted in Canada.
There are two types of UL marks: One is the recognized component
mark indicating a component or material that has been
evaluated and certified by UL for incorporation into UL-certified
products, and the other is the listing mark given to a final

More about safety standards: http://www.orientalmotor.com/products/p ... safety.pdf

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