Installing the CC05IF-USB cable driver on Windows 8

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Installing the CC05IF-USB cable driver on Windows 8

Post by om_tech_support_JT » Tue May 13, 2014 10:59 am

Q: I am using your CRK564AKD motor/driver package. It is a stored-data type where I can use the MEXE02 software and CC05IF-USB cable to set up the motion parameters. I am using Wind 8 operating system on my PC, and I cannot get the cable driver installed. I get error messages such as “The hash for the file is not present in the specified catalog file” or “.inf file missing.” I cannot manually install the driver from Device Manager either. How can I install the driver so I can use this product?

A: In regards to your question, the newest version of MEXE02 software already includes the installation files for the CC05IF-USB cable driver. When installing the MEXE02 software, it will first install the driver, then the software itself. However, sometimes it may not install successfully due to the fact that Windows 8 usually requires a “Electronic Driver Signature”, which is included in an INF file in the installation package. Windows 8 has a different “Electronic Driver Signature” requirement when installing drivers. Unless there is an INF file included in the installation package, the driver will not install. Therefore, we will need to disable this feature before installing the driver.

To disable this feature, we will need to go to settings => Change PC settings => Update & Recovery. Under the Recovery, there is a “Troubleshoot” option, which will allow you to disable the driver signature feature. Click on the “restart” under “Advanced Startup”, your PC will reboot with a few different Startup options listed. Press the number on your keypad which corresponds to “disable driver signature”. It is usually option 7. Then your computer will restart and driver signature feature should be disabled. You can either run the installation package again from the MEXE02 software, or you can manually update the driver under “Device Manager” and specify the folder which contains the driver file. Once installation is finished, you can restart your PC, and the driver signature feature will be re-enabled. If the driver is successfully installed, your device manager should show the corresponding COM port with CC05IF-USB cable driver installed.

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