Compatible products for Ethercat?

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Compatible products for Ethercat?

Postby om_tech_support_JT » Thu Jul 18, 2013 11:29 am

Q: I'm building a new multi-axis networked factory production equipment, and I wish to use Oriental Motor products. I have already selected a Beckhoff PLC which communicates as a master to all the slave motor drivers through Ethercat protocol. I don't know your products well enough to determine which products offer Ethercat compatibility. Can you help?

A: For this type of integration, we can recommend our "FLEX" products that offer Modbus software protocol through RS-485 communication. We do offer an Ethercat converter that can convert Ethercat hardware and software protocol over to RS-485/Modbus to easily integrate with our "FLEX" products. Our "FLEX", or stored data type products are products with a built-in controller that allows Modbus command input through RS-485 communication, and you'll need to connect these products to the other side of the Ethercat converter. Currently, our AR series closed-loop, high efficiency stepper motor systems, CRK series high resolution stepper motor systems, BLE series brushless motor speed control systems, DG II series hollow rotary table systems, and EAS series linear actuator systems offer "FLEX" models that you'll need.

FYI: "FLEX" is the name for products that are used for Factory Automation (FA) network control via I/O control, Modbus (RTU) control, or a network converter. FLEX products enable easy connection, easy control, and reduce the complexity of system configuration. Besides the "FLEX" version, other versions include pulse input type, which requires pulse and direction signals from an external controller; and a built-in controller, stored program type which require an actual program to be written in the non-volatile memory of the built-in controller within the driver.

Here's the NETC01-ECT Ethercat converter brochure:
EtherCAT converter NETC01-ECT brochure.pdf
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Here's more information on our "Flex" products:
FLEX brochure.pdf
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More information regarding "Flex" products:

To determine your motor requirements such as torque, speed, and inertia, we offer the following motor sizing tool:

Once you have your motor requirements, then we can help you select a specific "Flex" product model to work with your Beckhoff PLC.

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