Reducing the Cost of a Machine

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Reducing the Cost of a Machine

Postby om_tech_support_JT » Mon Aug 06, 2012 10:17 am

Question of the Month:
We manufacture parts handling and some custom machines. My boss has asked our team to look at reducing the cost of our machines. I am a mechanical engineer and therefore I am in charge of the motor system cost reduction. We currently use a PLC with an HMI and all of our motion is done with servo motors from 100 up to 750 watts. Most utilize a gearbox. The applications are for conveyors and pick and place robots. I know Oriental Motor manufactures many types of motors. I know I need to provide more details about my setup but where do you recommend that I start my research?

From a control standpoint, we have designed many products to be directly compatible with PLCs so easy integration is possible. It comes down to what you are trying to achieve with each axis. We find that many of the applications currently using servo motors can also be done with other types of motors. There are applications where a servo motor system must be chosen. However, we have had great success looking at the actual requirements on an axis by axis basis and reducing costs for our customers with other alternatives.

CONVEYORS/SPEED CONTROL: For your conveyor applications, I would suggest that you start by considering geared AC motors. This is the most cost-effective and trusted solution. If simple speed control is needed, please consider our AC speed control motor systems. For example, a combination of our MSC-1 speed controller with our V Series high torque AC gearmotors offers flexible speed control options, acceleration/deceleration settings, 2-speed operation, as well as easy setup and PLC I/O compatibility. For just $88 plus the cost of the motor, you can achieve closed-loop speed control.

MSC-1 easy to use, PLC integration.jpg
MSC-1 easy to use, PLC integration.jpg (94.66 KiB) Viewed 8557 times

For more information regarding our new MSC-1 speed controller for AC motors, please click here: ... msc-1.html

If a wider speed range or higher torque is needed, or if you need good speed regulation even with varying loads, please consider our efficient Brushless motor systems such as our simple-to-use BLU, BLE or BLF Series, or our more advanced BX or BLV series. We can also offer electromagnetic brakes as an option to provide holding torque.

For more information about any of our brushless motor systems, please click here: ... index.html

The speed & torque performance of these brushless motors satisfies a wide range of applications, and geared types can offer up to 970 lb-in of torque in a small size. Benefits are summarized below.

bl-speedtorque-chart.jpg (42.31 KiB) Viewed 8557 times

PICK & PLACE/POSITIONING: For your pick and place or general positioning applications, we also offer many options. If you just want to stop your conveyor instantaneously, consider our SB50W brake pack and AC motor combination. This solution starts at $121 plus the motor cost. For better positioning accuracy, holding torque, digital speed setting, and torque-limiting functions, our BX Series brushless motor systems would be an ideal choice. If you need even better positioning accuracy, we can offer many different step motor system options with unique features like microstepping or our own Smooth Drive vibration suppression function. The advantage of using a step motor system is that it does not require gain tuning like a servo system, and the motor does not hunt back and forth when commanded to stop. A cost-effective solution would be our CRK series high resolution step motor system that also includes its own dedicated driver with a built-in programmable pulse controller. This system starts at $457 and can provide servo-like closed loop performance with a self correcting function with the optional encoder. If high performance and quick positioning is needed, our AR Series closed-loop step motor systems are one of the best at minimizing positioning times for short moves. In many cases, an AR series step motor system will perform equally or better than a costly and complex servo motor system; especially in a highly compliant belt system where servo motors typically have problems. Last but not least, the AR series is highly efficient and can save you up to 66% less power consumption when compared with conventional models.

AR no hunting, no gain tuning.jpg
AR no hunting, no gain tuning.jpg (78.13 KiB) Viewed 8557 times

To find out more benefits of the AR series, please click here: ... ml#content

As you mentioned, we would need more information on what you are trying to achieve with each axis in order to recommend the best product for you. With our available online motor sizing tool and service, we can look at each axis individually and recommend several solutions with your budget in mind. Please call or e-mail us, and we will be glad to help you achieve your goal.

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