CAN-DO: Benefits of Electromagnetic Brake Products

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CAN-DO: Benefits of Electromagnetic Brake Products

Postby om_tech_support_JT » Tue Mar 13, 2012 11:57 am

Q: I have an existing machine which I'm trying to retrofit and upgrade. I was using a really inefficient lead screw to provide holding torque in a vertical lift application. Because of the inefficiency of the screw, I had to use a pretty big motor. On my upgrade, I would like to switch to a more efficient ball screw, and use a smaller motor in order to reduce the overall footprint/size of the motor housing. Do you see any issues with this, and what do you have to offer?

A: You are absolutely correct that a more efficient ball screw will allow you to use a smaller motor; since less torque will be lost through the screw. However, when you change from an inefficient lead screw to an efficient ball screw, you also lose your holding torque. We would recommend using a product of ours that has a built-in electromagnetic brake on the motor to provide your necessary holding torque. In your case, we can offer just an electromagnetic brake motor for your screw of choice, or we can offer a complete, plug & play type linear actuator & controller system with a built-in electromagnetic brake to make life easier for you.

Key components of an electromagnetic brake include a magnet coil, a spring, a brake hub, a brake lining, and an armature. When no voltage is applied to the motor and its magnet coil, the spring presses the armature on to the brake hub so the motor's shaft is held in place. When voltage is applied to the motor and its magnet coil, the armature is pulled back from the brake hub by the attraction of the electromagnet against the force of the spring.

For more information and a structural drawing of the electromagnetic brake, please click link below and SEE PAGE G-54: ... roduct.pdf

With the holding torque provided by an electromagnetic brake motor, you will be able to hold vertical loads in place such as on your new efficient ball screw. The electromagnetic brake is power-off activated, so it can also act as a safety device to minimize injuries or damages by holding the load in place during a power failure. If you were to use a regular motor without an electromagnetic brake on a lifting application with your new ball screw, and the power fails, your load will drop unexpectedly. In some cases, you will also damage your motor driver due to the fact that the motor becomes a voltage generator once it's back-driven. Since an electromagnetic brake holds a motor shaft in place, you can also use it to lock the load in place while some other work is being done on the load - such as in a drilling or cutting application. And because our electromagnetic brake is pre-assembled at our factory and in the same frame size as the motor, you can minimize setup time, and easily fit our motor and its electromagnetic brake in areas where other electromagnetic brakes don't fit.

Oriental Motor provides electromagnetic brakes on all types of products that we manufacture. This includes AC motors, brushless motors, step motors, linear actuators, as well as servo motors. If you are unsure of which type of product to use for your application, please call/e-mail/chat with our knowledgeable technical support group (800-468-3982).

Here are the types of motors we offer (brake types included):

AC MOTORS OVERVIEW (see Electromagnetic Brake Motors & BHF series): ... index.html

BRUSHLESS MOTOR SYSTEMS OVERVIEW (see BX, BLE & BLV series): ... index.html

STEP MOTOR SYSTEMS OVERVIEW (see AS & AR series): ... index.html

SERVO MOTOR SYSTEMS OVERVIEW (see NX series): ... index.html


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