Altitude Rating for Oriental Motor Products

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Altitude Rating for Oriental Motor Products

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Q: What is the maximum altitude rating for Oriental Motor products? Can they be used out of this specification? What are some concerns when using the product over the specification of 1000m above sea level?

All of Oriental Motor products have a specification to be used no more than 1000m above sea level. As the altitude increases, the heat dissipation in the atmosphere decreases. If using OM products outside of the specification of 1000m above sea level, then it is necessary to lower the ambient temperature of the product. Below are conditions for use when exceeding 1000 m above sea level and below 2000m.

When using the motor above 1000 m above sea level and below 2000 m, please lower the ambient temperature as shown below when using products of the following series

Applicable products:
• KII, KIIS, World K, BH, US, and DSC series with input voltage of single phase
• Any Oriental Motor driver
• Three phase input products

The graph below is when using a product with an ambient temperature upper limit of 40⁰ C at an altitude of 2000m, the upper limit is reduced to an ambient temperature is 32⁰ C.
Temp_Altitude.jpg (35.39 KiB) Viewed 3444 times

For three phase products, if lowering the ambient temperature is not ideal for your application, then you can also consider reducing the load torque as shown below. You can reduce the load torque when using products of the following:

Applicable products:
• BLDC products of the following series: BMU*, BLE2, BXII and BLH series are used. (*excluding JV gear, JB gear and JH gear)
• When the power supply voltage is three phase input

Reduce the load torque
Torque_Altitude.jpg (27.42 KiB) Viewed 3444 times

For example, when using a product at 2000m above sea level, the upper limit value of the load torque is 80% of the rated torque (for BLDC product 80% rated ratio).

When calculating torque of a BLDC product, use the torque value of the actual rotation speed that will be used. The torque value at a certain rotation speed can be confirmed by the rotation speed-torque characteristic diagram as shown below.

【Calculation example when using BMU 120W motor at 2000 m above sea level】
CalexBMU.jpg (24 KiB) Viewed 3444 times

When using stepper motors from the following series above 1000 m above sea level and below 2000 m, make sure the surface temperature of the motor case does not exceed the values in the table below.

Applicable products:
• AZ, AR, RKII, CVK, CMK, CRK, PKP, PK series
Values in the table below by product series
MotorSurfaceTemp.jpg (32.15 KiB) Viewed 3444 times

※ 1 When obtaining the UL standard, the heat resistant class of the motor part is Class A, so please do not exceed 75 ℃
※ 2 Values in ( ) are values with encoder.
※ 3 The motor part of the CVK series is PKP series or PK series. For the motor surface temperature, please reference each series per the table above.

When using gears
Please use it in the range of 1000 m above sea level and less than 2000 m above sea level. If the altitude becomes high, then the temperature rise due to the difference between the outside air pressure and the heat dissipation will decrease the life of the oil seal and grease leakage inside the gear head may occur. If grease leakage becomes a problem, periodically check for bleeding of the grease, attach the oil pan etc to the equipment.

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