Modbus library for NI LabView?

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Modbus library for NI LabView?

Postby om_tech_support_JT » Wed Dec 18, 2013 2:49 pm

Q: Hi I'm using your EAS series linear actuators and AR series stored data type integrated driver/controllers. Instead of using your suggested standard control methods, I wish to control the system with my LabView software via remote I/O and motion data setting through your driver's RS-485 communication port. However, LabView doesn't output in Modbus RTU protocol that you require for your products. Do you offer any code libraries to help me integrate your Modbus protocol with my LabView?

A: We don't offer libraries yet for easier integration between our stored data, Flex type integrated drivers and LabView, but National Instruments does. Please refer to the following link for information regarding their Modbus library: (updated 2015)

NI Modbus Library for LabVIEW

Works with standard serial and Ethernet ports
Facilitates Modbus TCP/IP and serial communication
Complies with Modbus Conformance Class 2
Compatible with NI LabVIEW Real-Time Module
Functions as master and slave

The NI Modbus Library for LabVIEW is a free, downloadable set of VI function blocks that provide Modbus communication from any standard Ethernet or serial port. It implements the Modbus protocol in software and offers both master and slave functionality. Using the Modbus library, programmable automation controllers can communicate with gateway devices that connect to a wide variety of industrial networks, such as PROFIBUS, EthernetIP, and DeviceNet.

Unfortunately, we are not experts at supporting Labview or NI's products. For support regarding setting up this type of communication, we suggest that you contact National Instruments.

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