ORIX: Fan Kits

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ORIX: Fan Kits

Post by om_tech_support_JT » Mon Nov 15, 2010 6:38 pm

Q: Do you offer some kind of "kit" with your fans that includes the necessary accessories with the fan as one model number?

A: Yes. We do offer various fan "kit" models for most of our fans. This is usually designated by a "T" in the beginning of the model number, and a letter like "G" at the end. For example, a fan kit model number for the fan, MDE1225-24L (24vDC long-life MDE series), would be T-MDE1225-24L-G. This kit model includes the finger guard, mounting screws, and the fan itself. For fan models that require a plug cord to connect to its power source (example: MU1238A-21B - 115vAC fan), we also include it in the kit model (T-MU1238A-21-GP) in addition to the screws and the finger guard. We also have some fan kits that includes screen filters instead of finger guards. You are welcome to choose the fan kit that mostly fit your needs.

FYI - if you type in the fan model number in the 'part number search', it will show you the fan kit models as well - usually either in the search results, or at the bottom-right corner of the fan product page (where it shows a picture of the fan itself).

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