FE100/FE200 Series Inverters: power LED not on

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FE100/FE200 Series Inverters: power LED not on

Postby om_tech_support_JT » Fri Dec 28, 2012 4:34 pm

Q: When I supply power to my FE100A inverter (115VAC single-phase to L1 and L2 terminals), the power LED on the FE inverter does not turn on. What is wrong? It was working before, but now it does not work.

A: When the power LED of the FE series inverter does not turn on, it typically means that you have removed the jumper/shorting bar between the DL1 and DL2 terminals on the back of the inverter. The jumper/shorting bar is required for normal operation, and all our FE inverters ship with this shorting bar installed on the DL1 and DL2 terminals. If you remove the jumper, you must install a "DC Reactor" in place of it. A DC Reactor is required if a large-capacity power transformer is connected, harmonics must be suppressed, or the inverter’s power factor must be improved. Once you re-install the jumper/shorting bar between DL1 and DL2 terminals, the power LED should start working again.

Please refer to page 27 of the FE series operating manual for this information:
http://www.orientalmotor.com/products/p ... 026-3E.pdf

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