Setting the Function Codes on the Fuji Inverter (VFD)

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Setting the Function Codes on the Fuji Inverter (VFD)

Post by om_tech_support_JS » Mon Jan 30, 2017 1:46 pm

Q: I am new to the Fuji Inverter and I have heard that you need to change certain parameters or function codes. I am having difficulty in understanding how these are laid out and how I am supposed to make the changes.

A: The Fuji inverter is set up with Function codes. These function codes have a default value set in them which you can change based on your application requirements. Below is a picture of the function code grouping which can be seen in the manual on page page 3-9 (electronically page 45):
Function Code Table.png
Function Code Table.png (252.2 KiB) Viewed 2484 times
These function codes can be found in the Fuji Inverter manual in section 9.1 (electronic pages 205-220). The Details and further explanation of each function code can be found in section 9.2 (electronic pages 222-325). I have linked the manual below: ... -0023d.pdf

When first connecting a motor to the Fuji Inverter, you will need to adjust the Motor 1 Parameters. Therefore, the P Codes will need to be changed. You will need to first change the rated capacity of the motor (Function code P02) and the rated current (Function code P03).

If we take the 5IK100VA-EST2 motor as an example, then the Fuji inverter will need to be set for a 100 Watt motor that has a rated current of 0.48 Amps. I have provided the steps below which will need to be followed after the initial wiring to the motor has been completed. You can also reference the picture of the Fuji Digital Operator for the button layout:
Inverter Digital Operator.png
Inverter Digital Operator.png (101.14 KiB) Viewed 2484 times
1.) Press the PRG/RESET Button. This button works to bring up the function code letter, starting with 1.F
2.) Use the Up and Down arrows until the screen reads the function code that you wish to change. (for this example 1.P)
3.) Once the screen reads the correct letter, press the FUNC/DATA button. This will bring up the next screen for the function code number. A number should be blinking.
4.) Use the Up and Down arrows to select the code number which you wish to change (02 for our example).
5.) Hit the FUNC/DATA button again and now it will allow you to set the value in this function code.
6.) Use the Up and Down arrows to select the value that you wish to put in the function code (0.10 for our example as the setting is in kW)
7.) Hit the FUNC/DATA button again and it will read SAVE on the screen

From here, you will be taken to the start of the next function code (the screen in our example with show P 03). Follow the steps 1.7 again until all the Function code changes have been made.

As a recap, the PRG/RESET button is used to pull up the function codes. From there, you use the Up and Down arrows to navigate through the options and you use the FUNC/DATA button as an "enter" or "next" button and the PRG/RESET as a "back" button.

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