LS Linear Heads and FE Inverters

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LS Linear Heads and FE Inverters

Post by om_tech_support_JT » Fri Jun 01, 2012 5:30 pm

Q: I'm interested in using your LS series rack & pinion linear heads along with your induction motor for a small shuttle/transfer application. However, I need faster speeds than what you offer. I need about 100 mm/second or about 4"/second, and I see that the fastest speed you offer on your LS linear heads is 45 mm/second or 1.77"/second. Can you offer another motor to couple with the LS linear heads for faster speeds?

A: If your shuttle/transfer system is on a horizontal plane, and there's no chance of the motor being back-driven and sending back EMF to the inverter, then we can offer our FE series inverters and a 3-phase induction motor. The FE series inverters do not have a built-in regeneration unit to absorb/dissipate the back EMF so it is not recommended for vertical loads/lifts. When an FE inverter and motor is coupled to a linear head, we can reach speeds up to 60 mm/second which is a little bit faster than what we offer in our literature for LS linear heads. If you need faster speeds, we can possibly offer a Japanese standard rack & pinion product that can carry a load up to 20 kg, or run at speeds up to 300 mm/second. However, we do not offer English literature at this time. If you're still interested, please ask about the LBE series.

Otherwise, we offer ballscrew and belt-pulley linear systems for faster speeds (up to 850 mm/second for EZS II series; up to 1500 mm/second for SPV series). Please click the link below for more information: ... index.html

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