Stopping Accuracy: Synchronous vs SMK series

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Stopping Accuracy: Synchronous vs SMK series

Post by om_tech_support_JT » Thu Mar 08, 2012 7:04 pm

Q: How does the stopping accuracy, or overrun, compare from your AC synchronous motors to your SMK series low-speed synchronous motors?

A: Our regular 1800 RPM AC synchronous motors cannot stop as quickly as the SMK series 72 RPM synchronous motors. The 1800 RPM synchronous motors will have some overrun like induction motors, but the SMK series 72 RPM motors can stop within +/- 10 deg if operating under the motor's permissible load inertia. Within the permissible load inertia, the SMK motor can also start, stop, and reverse within 1.5 cycles of power supply frequency (0.03 sec @ 50 Hz / 0.025 sec @ 60 Hz). In addition, SMK motors can maintain a constant speed even during a vertical operation. You can also swap the AC power supply with a DC power supply to the SMK motor, and it will provide holding torque like a step motor.

For more information regarding our SMK series, please click the link below: ... s-SMK.html

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