Noise Level of Low-Speed Synchronous vs Synchronous Motors

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Noise Level of Low-Speed Synchronous vs Synchronous Motors

Postby om_tech_support_JT » Fri Jan 28, 2011 7:46 pm

Q: I wish to compare the noise level between your regular AC synchronous motors and your AC low-speed synchronous motors. Do you have any data?

A: Unfortunately, we do not have any noise data for our synchronous motors specifically. However, if you use our GN-S type long life, low noise gearheads, which features a long rated life of 10,000 hours of continuous operation, the maximum noise level we've tested with one of our 25w induction motors was about 20 db(A). We do offer those gearheads for both the synchronous motors and low-speed synchronous motors.

For details of our GN-S type gearheads and other improvements we've made for our AC motors and gearheads, please see page A-21 of the linked literature below: ... ac_ind.pdf

Based on our knowledge of noise, the most important factors are the speed of the 1st stage gears in the gearhead, and the motor's shaft speed. Motor's shaft speed is relative to motor noise while the 1st stage gears inside our gearheads are responsible for much of the gearhead noise. In the case of synchronous vs low-speed synchornous, if we take the gearheads out of the equation, the 72 rpm low-speed synchronous motors would be quieter than the 1800 rpm synchronous motors; because of motor shaft speed. If we use gearheads on these motors, then the low-speed synchronous will still have lower noise because both the motor shaft speed and 1st stage gear speed is lower than the synchronous motors. Of course, there are other factors to noise such as mounting rigidity and proper sizing of the motor (damaged gears and bearings will also contribute to noise).

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