Geared Step Motors: Maximum vs Permissible Torque

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Geared Step Motors: Maximum vs Permissible Torque

Postby om_tech_support_JT » Mon Sep 20, 2010 5:28 pm

Q: What does the specification, MAXIMUM HOLDING TORQUE, mean in your catalog?

EXAMPLE ON PAGE 23: ... es_USA.pdf

A: Maximum holding torque is the motor's maximum rotational holding power (torque) a stepping motor has when rated current is being supplied by the driver but the motor is not rotating. However, at motor standstill, our driver's automatic current cutback function reduces the maximum holding torque by approximately 50% (approximately 40% for UMK and CMK series). This is why you do not have the maximum holding torque when the motor is at standstill. The main purpose of having an automatic current cutback function on the driver is to help keep motor's temperature down when not rotating. As long as the motor rotates, the automatic current cutback function will turn off, and the motor will have its full rated current from the driver and its full operating torque (assuming that the driver is set for the rated current of the motor). Please see the speed-torque characteristics curve for your operating torque limits.

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