Vexta SC8800 pulse generator - factory reset?

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Vexta SC8800 pulse generator - factory reset?

Postby om_tech_support_JT » Wed Jul 17, 2013 10:03 am

Q: I have a couple Vexta SC8800 pulse generators that seem to have an auto-start program loaded on them (they were spare parts). When connected to a stepper driver and powered on, all lights are ok. When I connect and press the "start" button it then begins moving the stepper motors that are attached.

I've followed the manual to power them up and connect them to a step driver and serial console cable (standard serial cable DB9F-DB9M, 9600 8N1 no flow control).

I believe they're running a program automatically because on power up I can see the boot up banner, but the pulse generator won't respond to input (I tried typing lots of commands, including TALKA, TALKB, etc). So I can't clear the NVRAM to reset it. I tried sending a "break" in the terminal program, nothing happened. I tried connecting and pressing the "stop" button but that only stops the stepper motion if I previously pressed start, it doesn't bring back the console.

The console looks like it wants to accept input, and it displays a "0>" prompt, but anything I type is not echoed, and has no effect. I've tried different baud rates (I can see the boot-up banner only at 9600) with no different results, tried flow control, nothing.

Does anyone know a way to get these devices to respond to console if they're running a program? Or a way to clear NVRAM by shorting a couple of pins somewhere inside? I looked and there are no jumpers or battery, the NVRAM is in a single chip package with an internal lithium battery.

A: The SC8800 pulse generator is a very out-dated product that was discontinued some time ago. If you need a newer product with similar functions and more, I would suggest that you upgrade to an SCX11 pulse generator. I have provided the product link here: ... lers/scx11

It does seem like the SC8800 is running a program when it first powers up. To escape out of the program, press the ESCAPE key while communicating to the SC8800 through an ASCII terminal like Hyperterminal. This will exit out of the program named "CONFIG". When the SC8800 powers up, it automatically searches for a program called "CONFIG" and immediately executes it. If you do not want the CONFIG program to execute upon power up, rename the program, or change its contents to have it do what you want. You can also type RESET at the 0> prompt to perform a system reset.

Please let me know if you need the SC8800 manual. I can e-mail it if you send me a private message with your personal e-mail address.

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