AS+/ASD24A-AP: WAITEND not working during PAUSE

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AS+/ASD24A-AP: WAITEND not working during PAUSE

Postby om_tech_support_JT » Wed Jul 03, 2013 11:47 am

Q: I am using your Alphastep Plus series ASD24A-AP driver with built-in controller and running into problems while using the PAUSE input in my operation. I was doing an index move and in the end of my sequence, I have a line that says OUT1=1 to trigger a PLC to do another movement. My problem is that although I use the CALL command to "call" a WAITEND subroutine in the sequence (right before OUT1=1), as soon as I used PAUSE, the motor stopped but the program goes through the remaining sequence. I think the PAUSE input also turns on the END output which is not what I want. Is there another output bit I can use in my WAITEND routine which is not affected by PAUSE?

A: After testing some of the outputs, we found that the RUN output was on throughout the index motion, and unlike the END output, it did not change status during PAUSE.

I recommend changing the WAITEND subroutine to a WAITRUN subroutine (that waits for the RUN output to change):

( 1) A=OUTSG&1
( 2) WHILE(A=1)
( 3) A=OUTSG&1
( 4) WEND
( 5) RET


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