AR Flex/Stored Data: homing with sensors?

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AR Flex/Stored Data: homing with sensors?

Postby om_tech_support_JT » Wed May 15, 2013 3:05 pm

Q: I've been using your standard AR series high efficiency stepper motor and driver systems for a high duty cycle application, but now I see that you offer a newer AR Flex series with built-in controllers for the same price. On my old AR motor setup, I connected my home sensor and limit sensors to my PLC to perform a homing operation. Can I now connect my sensors to the AR Flex series drivers and perform a homing operation? Do I still need to connect my sensors to my PLC?

A: Yes. Since we offer a built-in controller/pulse generator function in the AR series Flex / stored data series drivers, you can now connect your home sensor and limit sensors directly to our AR Flex driver and perform a homing operation without the need for a PLC. The AR Flex / stored data series allows you to perform 4 different types of homing operations: 3-sensor mode (one home and 2 limits), 2-sensor mode (2 limits), push-mode (sensorless), and position-preset (sensorless).

To learn more about the AR series homing operations and to see all the parameters you have to set up for proper homing, please see PAGES 67~73 of the AR Flex manual: ... 065-3E.pdf

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