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Postby petek » Thu Apr 04, 2013 1:43 am

We have bought a lot of motors (AS66) in the past but all without built in controller.
I have a few questions regarding to AS66AAEP with built in controller.
Is it possible to drive the motor via RS232 communication from the PLC,
Which adjustments/drive modes are possible to control? Is it possible to ajust speed, end position...? Is there any other communication protocol possilble?
Thank you for your answers!
Best regards
Matej Zajc,

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Re: AS66AAEP and PLC

Postby om_tech_support_JT » Fri Apr 05, 2013 10:47 am

Hi Matej,

The AS66AAEP stored program model does communicate via RS232 serial communication. It is designed to be programmed with Hyperterminal on a Windows PC through the PC's serial connector. I have included its communication and terminal specifications below:

Alphastep Plus communication and terminal specifications.jpg
Alphastep Plus communication and terminal specifications.jpg (174.79 KiB) Viewed 1453 times

It is possible to drive the motor via RS232 from your PLC, if your PLC can offer the same specifications and be able to output the same ASCII codes. You can adjust motion parameters such as position and speeds as well as modify hardware parameters such as I/O logic.

Please click the link below for an operating manual which describes the full capabilities of the AS66AAEP Alphastep stored program model: ... 023-2E.pdf

We do offer many other communication protocols. The CRK series stored program and stored data models communicate through RS485. Our SCX11 standalone motion controller (adaptable to any fo our stepper/servo drivers) communicates through USB, RS232, and CANopen. We also offer CC-link and Mechatrolink II field network compatible drivers as well as network converters for CC-link, Mechatrolink II, Mechatrolink III, and Ethercat. Modbus RTU through RS485 is also possible.

FYI: The stored program models (like your AS66AAEP) require programs to be written and saved. The newer stored data models require either the OPX-2A hand-held module, the MEXE02 software, or Modbus RTU in order to program the stored data. Motion is executed via direct I/O or remote I/O.

Fore more information regarding the newer stored data models as well as network converters and Modbus RTU control, please see below attached FLEX brochure:
FLEX brochure.pdf
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