UDK5128NW2 Driver Replacement?

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UDK5128NW2 Driver Replacement?

Postby om_tech_support_JT » Tue Oct 16, 2012 2:42 pm

Q: I have a lot of similar step motor and driver packages from you. The driver for all the packages are the same, which is UDK5128NW2. This model number does not come up on your website when I do the search. The package models that use this driver are UPK569AHW2/UPK569BHW2, UPK596AHW2/UPK596BHW2, UPK599AHW2/UPK599BHW2, and UPK5913AHW2/UPK5913BHW2. I'm responsible for replacing/upgrading these to more current systems, and perhaps closing the loop. What are you suggested replacements?

A: It's usually better to search for package model numbers on our website. The suggested replacement packages will also be shown on the same product page (lower-right corner). However, we do not have a direct replacement for the UDK5128NW2 driver. While the discontinued UDK5128NW2 driver can output 2.8A/ph to its step motor, our newer drivers only output up to 1.4A/ph. If you replace your UDK5128NW2 driver with one of our newer 1.4A/ph drivers (such as RKD514H-A), it will work with about half the torque since torque is proportional to current. Therefore, we do not list replacement drivers.

For example, if you search for the UPK5913AHW2 model on our website, you'll see AS911AA as the suggested replacement package model. However, since there is a difference in its performance, it's highly recommended that you compare the torque-speed curves of both models to determine if the AS911AA will be a good replacement. The UDK5128NW2 driver was used for UPK series high speed type systems, so the AS911AA will have less torque than the UPK5913AHW2; especially in the high speed region. AR911AA-3 is another option if you would like to increase the duty cycle of the motor without overheating. It's basically an improved version of the AS911AA.

For the same example, if you need more torque than what the AS911AA is able to provide, then we can also look at our NX series servo motor systems. Something like the NX975AS-3 may work as well. Another option would be to go with geared type motors, but that will reduce your speed. We can also offer linear motion systems if your UPK5913AHW2 system was used in a linear device.

In case you think the UPK5913AHW2 model was oversized, you can confirm your motor requirements (torque/speed/inertia) with our FREE online motor sizing calculator here:
http://www.orientalmotor.com/support/motor-sizing.html (registration required)

You're welcome to post/call/e-mail/chat with any questions you may have.

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