AS series I/O signal cable

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AS series I/O signal cable

Postby om_tech_support_JT » Wed Aug 22, 2012 2:46 pm

Q: I want to purchase your AS+ built-in controller type driver to use with my DG130R-ASAA rotary actuator. I was going through the accessory cables on your website and I am confused about the general-purpose type and terminal block unit. Can you explain what they are used for and also provide me with a pin assignment for the general purpose type?

A: The AS+ built-in controller type driver has two main connectors for I/O signals: CN4 with 36 pins; and CN5 with 20 pins. For each of these connectors, we have two different types of cable: general purpose type and terminal block unit. General purpose type cable has a connector on one end that’s plugged in to the AS+ driver, and the other end has flying leads so you will need to solder the wires to your PLC/controller connector. The terminal block unit has a connection cable and a terminal block with screw terminals. You can plug in one end of the cable to your AS+ driver, and the other end to the terminal block and connect your signal wires using the screw terminals. Usually the terminal block unit is used for testing purposes since you can easily modify the connection.

The CC36D1-1 is the general purpose type for CN4 (36 pin) connector, and CC20D1-1 is for CN5 (20 pin) connector. Please use the link below to check for pin assignment charts in the manual: ... 37-5JE.pdf

With a terminal block type, pin assignment is labeled on the cover of the screw terminals so wires can be easily connected.

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