Using the Encoder's Z signal to Increase Homing Accuracy

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Using the Encoder's Z signal to Increase Homing Accuracy

Postby om_tech_support_JT » Tue Jul 31, 2012 2:26 pm

Q: I'm using your CRK series step motor system with built-in pulse controller on a ballscrew for a linear scanning system. I also purchased 2 limit sensors, and a home sensor for a mechanical homing routine that I'll need to make sure to be accurate every single time. I do have a CRK step motor with a built-in encoder. How can I improve my homing accuracy with my encoder?

A: You can improve your homing accuracy with a 3-channel encoder. The 3 channels of an encoder output 3 different signals: A, B, and Z (or index). The A signal will tell your how far the motor has gone, the B signal will tell you which direction the motor is rotating, and the Z signal will output once every revolution. It is the Z signal that can be used to improve the accuracy of your homing routine. If you wire your encoder to our CRK series integrated driver/controller like it instructs in the manual, you can program the controller to complete a mechanical homing routine based on 2 signals (home sensor and Z signal) instead of 1 signal (home sensor). Basically, the motor is not considered at home until both signals are on at the same time. This would result in better homing accuracy than if you were to use just one signal from the home sensor.

For more information, please see page 45 of the CRK series built-in controller manual below: ... P024-1.pdf

You'll have to set TIMEN=2 in order to use the encoder's Z signal.

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