Step Motors & Audible Noise/Vibrations

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Step Motors & Audible Noise/Vibrations

Postby om_tech_support_JT » Wed Feb 16, 2011 6:26 pm

Q: How do I suppress vibration/noise of a step motor?

A: see suggestions below.

1. Use a higher resolution motor.
-build your "MyMotor" here: ... rview.html

2. Use a microstepping driver with noise suppression functions. Our RBK series drivers for 1.8/0.9 deg steppers are very good at suppressing vibration.
-A higher resolution motor like the 0.72 deg or 0.36 deg step motors with a microstepping driver will be even better (see CRK series/RK series).
RBK series (1.8 deg, microstepping): ... st_rbk.pdf
RK series (0.72 deg, microstepping): ... _st_rk.pdf
CRK series (0.72/0.36 deg, microstepping): ... st_crk.pdf

3. Bolt the motor down rigidly. See manual for mounting instructions.

4. Try to have the motor rotate at a slower speed. Higher speed = higher noise.

5. Use lower accel/decel rates.

6. Size the motor properly.
-Calculate your load requirements here: (registration required)

7. Reducing the motor current helps. This is set on the driver.

8. Avoid resonant frequency which is about 200 Hz.

9. Make sure the pulses sent to the driver are clean signals.

10. Provide something like a rubber damper on the mounting.

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