DG130R-ARACD2-3+AR46AAD-N10-3+NETC01-ECT Beckhoff Ethercat integration

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DG130R-ARACD2-3+AR46AAD-N10-3+NETC01-ECT Beckhoff Ethercat integration

Postby om_tech_support_JT » Wed Oct 05, 2016 4:13 pm

Q: I have 2 of the DG130R-ARACD2-3 rotary hollow actuators and 2 of the AR46AAD-N10-3 rotary stepper motor systems wired to your network converter NETC01-ECT, then wired to my Beckhoff PLC. I'm using Beckhoff's TwinCAT software to send commands and to monitor status. When reading position feedback from a multi axis system setup using the NETC01-ECT, I always receive feedback from axis 1 only? I can control all drives through EtherCAT using the NETC01-ECT using the corresponding Axis x NET-IN Lower/Upper and Axis x NET-OUT Lower/Upper.

A: When using more than one axis, the correct monitor command (CoE Index) to read feedback position from each axis must be assigned. For the different axes, the monitor command will be different. e.g. Axis 1→2A00h, Axis 2→2A01h, Axis 3→2A02h, Axis 4→2A03h etc. Assuming a 4 axis system, if you added axis 2, 3, 4, but did not change the monitor command (2A00h), the feedback position will be read from the 1st axis only.

Also refer to below for details (from attached manual):
Beckhoff TwinCAT+NETC01-ECT setup with DG130R-ARACD2-3+AR46AAD-N10-3.jpg
Beckhoff TwinCAT+NETC01-ECT setup with DG130R-ARACD2-3+AR46AAD-N10-3.jpg (125.39 KiB) Viewed 3941 times

When using Beckhoff TwinCAT:
To setup the EtherCAT for Beckhoff TwinCAT copy the ESI file supplied by Oriental Motor (ORIENTALMOTOR NETC01-ECT.xml) to the TwinCAT config directory so it will recognize the NETC01-ECT. The NETC01-ECT with the ESI file supplied by Oriental Motor shows up in TwinCAT for mapping. You need to set the corresponding Monitor X Axis to the axis you want to monitor.


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