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AZ Multi-Axis Grid System Example

Posted: Fri Feb 16, 2018 11:04 am
by om_tech_support_PB
The following article will give an example of a dual axis movement in which two separate AZ systems will be programmed to move through a grid system that is 5 columns across and 10 rows down; similar to the depiction on page 12 of the AZ manual. Operation of these systems can be performed using I/O or a PLC. This technique could be used with rack and pinion systems, belt conveyor systems, and many others.

AZ Manual: ... df#page=12

Please keep in mind that operational data can be changed to meet individual requirements since each application is different. There are also many ways to program such a movement; this article will show just one. For an introduction to the necessary functions that will be used in this article, please see the following forum: ... 18&t=16178

First, the setting of the X-axis will be discussed since it only requires one input and one operation data. Images showing the settings of the “Operation data” in the MEXE02 software can be found below.
Xaxis1.png (88.53 KiB) Viewed 3769 times
Xaxis2.png (37.97 KiB) Viewed 3769 times
Operation type is set to “Absolute positioning” (in green); it is linked using “Manual Sequential” (in red); it is looped 5 times for 5 positions (in blue), and the loop has an offset of 1,000 steps (in yellow). Manual sequential allows the motor to move to the next position only after it has received the “SSTART” input as shown below.
Xaxis3.png (120.3 KiB) Viewed 3769 times
Therefore, this motor will run through the 5 X-axis positions endlessly while triggering only the SSTART input before every movement. It would be possible to have the motor move automatically between the 5 positions using “Automatic Sequential” (and a dwell time if desired) while only needing to trigger the START input once.

Next, the Y-axis will be discussed. As seen below, it simply uses Absolute positioning (in yellow), a delay time of 1 second (in green), and "Automatic Sequential" (in red).
Yaxis.png (59.83 KiB) Viewed 3769 times
This motion would run through positions 0-9 while having a 1 second delay between motions while only needing to be triggered by the START input. This would be used in conjunction with the X-axis to maneuver to all 50 spaces. In addition to these inputs, the Area Outputs can be used to signal when the motor has reached a certain position- such as the last position in the sequence. More information about these outputs can be found on page 215 of the manual, or see the forum mentioned above.

To fully automate this process using a PLC, only a few extra steps would need to be taken regarding outputs of the drives. First, the Y-axis driver would need to send an output when the last position is reached. It could be an Area Output or the Ready output. Once the PLC receives this output, it would then trigger the X-axis to move to the next position. Once moved, the X-axis driver would also send a “Ready” output to signal that it has reached the next position and the system is ready for another Y-axis movement. This cycle would continue until the process is stopped. If you have any questions regarding this setup, please contact tech support.

Re: AZ Multi-Axis Grid System Example

Posted: Thu Apr 12, 2018 9:40 pm
by Maria12
Thanks for the instructions.