Acquiring the present operation data number from PLC

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Acquiring the present operation data number from PLC

Post by om_tech_support_JT » Fri Feb 26, 2016 6:44 pm

Q: Hi I'm using one of your FLEX products, specifically the AR series motors and drivers, in a sequential positioning operation via Modbus RTU where I cycle through all my programmed moves in sequence with just one input. I'm using an HMI to send commands to your driver via a network. Sometimes, I would like to know which operation data I am currently at. Can I acquire this data from your driver through a Modbus RTU master?

A: Below is our user manual's description of the “sequential positioning operation”.

• Sequential positioning operation
In sequential positioning operation, whenever turning the SSTART input ON, the positioning operation for the following operation data No. will be performed. This function is useful when multiple positioning operations must be performed sequentially, because there is no need to select each data number. When the “sequential positioning” of operation data is executed up to the data No. set to "disable", the operation returns to the original data No. that was selected before starting the sequential positioning operation. And the sequential positioning operation will start again. If the starting point for the sequential positioning operation is changed using the M0 to M5 inputs or the MS0 to MS5 inputs, multiple sequential positioning operations can be set. It is convenient for setting a different operating pattern for each component or each process of works.

To know which operation data is currently in operation, have your Modbus RTU master establish communication then read register “Present operation data No”, 00C4h (upper) 00C5h (lower). It will return a value corresponding to the data number.
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