SCX11: encoder count not matching motor steps

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SCX11: encoder count not matching motor steps

Postby om_tech_support_JT » Fri Oct 30, 2015 11:58 am

Q: I have connected your SCX11 pulse controller to a bipolar driver then to my step motor and encoder. I have set the motor resolution on the SCX11 to be the same as my encoder resolution so they should be counting the same # of pulses compared to motor steps. The SCX11 is counting encoder pulses as it's commanding the motor to rotate, and I can see the counts on my SCX software. However, the encoder count shown does not match the motor's step count. It's always a few steps off. What's the best way to resolve this so my encoder count = motor step count?

A: Sometimes this may happen as the teeth of the rotor and stator inside the stepper motor are not directly aligned. To get the encoder count and motor step count to be the same, you would either have to perform a homing operation (ensures that rotor and stator teeth are directly aligned before starting any motion), and/or add the following lines to the beginning of your program.

PC = 0
EC = 0

These 2 lines reset both the "position counter" PC and "encoder counter" EC to 0 when the program starts executing.

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