Motor Sensor Errors, Encoder Alarms

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Motor Sensor Errors, Encoder Alarms

Post by om_tech_support_JT » Fri Dec 17, 2010 6:36 pm

Q: I keep getting a motor sensor error alarms when I turn on power to my driver. What's wrong?
-this applies to all brushless DC motor & driver systems as well as closed-loop step motor & driver systems.
-the following answer also applies for encoder failure alarms.

A: A motor sensor error alarm, or a encoder failure alarm, occurs when:
1. The motor is not connected. Connect the motor with its dedicated cable.
2. Improper signal cable connection or wire breakage. This typically happens when the cable is made by a third party. Check the cable for breakage or improper connection.
3. These alarms will occur when a cable is extended too long by a third party, and the sensor or encoder signal drops too low for our drivers to recognize. You can try using a bigger gauge wire, or boost the signal somehow.

Please be aware that if a third party cable is used with our products, the standard 2-year warranty is voided. If you absolutely need to make your own cable, please test and verify connections thoroughly.

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