Introducing the All New 2015 ~ 2016 General Catalog!

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Introducing the All New 2015 ~ 2016 General Catalog!

Postby om_tech_support_JT » Wed Apr 29, 2015 7:08 pm

Available for immediate release, Oriental Motor USA is pleased to introduce our new 2015 ~ 2016 General Catalog. New products include high torque K2 series AC motors, the AZ series with battery-less absolute sensors, the easy-to-use BMU And DSC series speed control systems, as well as the EAS/EAC series motorized slides and cylinders to meet various demanding Positioning, Fixed Speed, Speed Control, Linear & Rotary and Cooling types of applications. The general catalog features in-depth product information, technical drawings, specifications, and application examples. There is also many new accessories included for each product group.

New 2015, 2016 general catalog cover.jpg
New 2015, 2016 general catalog cover.jpg (37.22 KiB) Viewed 4489 times

List pricing has been added to each part number making it simple and clear to understand the value.

This new 2015 ~ 2016 General Catalog also merges the paper and website in a simple to use format. All specifications, CAD and Lead-times are available via the website and can be navigated easily from inside this new catalog.

Oriental Motor offers the following categories:
• General Information about Oriental Motor
• Stepper Motors
• Servo Motors
• Standard AC Motors
• Brushless Motors / AC Speed Control Motors
• Linear and Rotary Actuators
• Network Products
• Cooling Fans
• Technical Reference
• General Industrial Information / Regulations & Standards

The Oriental Motor General Catalog continues its reputation as one of the most complete catalogs in the industry and now is easier to use with the website than ever before, meeting the needs of a wide range of customer preferences.

Paper to Web – integrating the two to meet a wide range of customer needs
Each introduction section to a series has a QR code that supports the URL, This URL page is a web catalog page that will allow customers to navigate quickly and easily from the paper catalog to their product series of interest. It supports tablet, smart phone or any QR code reader or simple just type in the URL into your browser.

Here is an example:

New 2015, 2016 general catalog QR code.jpg
New 2015, 2016 general catalog QR code.jpg (283.38 KiB) Viewed 4489 times

Full Features and Specifications & Features only supported by Website
New to Oriental Motor USA with this catalog is the blending of products with full features and specifications and products with full features only, supported by specifications on the website. This was done to show the greatest number of new products, their features and pricing while maximizing the value of the website. Utilize the QR code or URL to find all specifications needed online for feature only products.

Each product section, including accessories now features the item’s list price. To find the list price, use the Product Number page found after the System
Configuration within each Series section. For accessories, list price can be found in the accessories section of each product group.

PDF version / Ordering Catalogs
PDF catalog pages can be downloaded from the downloads section on our website or in each downloads section within the product series. To request a catalog to be sent to you, please send your request, company, name, and mailing address to: [email protected]

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