Introducing Design Changes on the BMU series

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Introducing Design Changes on the BMU series

Postby om_tech_support_JT » Fri Feb 13, 2015 12:08 pm

The BMU Series has had a design change that was effective 2/2/2015. As of now, the old BMU components are unavailable.

• Package part number remains the same
• Component part numbers changed
• Old BMU Series component models are not available for order after 2/2/2015.

The package part number will remain the same going forward, however the component parts, Driver, Motor and Cables parts have changed. A Caution Card will be included with all BMU Series package orders effective 2/2/2015. The new BMU Series components are not backwards compatible with old BMU Series components (motors, drivers and cables). Please be aware of this change when purchasing BMU series products. To avoid issues, we would suggest to upgrade with package models instead of component models.

BMUD60-A driver component model is now replaced by BMUD60-A2.
BLM5120-GFV motor component model is now replaced by BLM5120-GFV2.
GFV5G5A gearhead component model stays the same.
BMU5120A-15A-3 motor, gearhead and driver package model stays the same.
CC01BLE motor cable is now replaced by CC01BL2.

BMU series design change - connectors.png
BMU series design change - connectors.png (174.95 KiB) Viewed 4534 times

What is Changing?
The major design change is the sensor connector on the motor, driver and extension cables. Product improvement changes include a new IP65 clamp on the lead wires, just below the motor (pictured), and the ability to lock out all the controls on the front of the Driver. The display function will show “LK” when in locked mode so users understand driver is locked. Additionally, the IP protection has been increased to IP40 for the standard BMU Series. Also, the lower level speed is now set at the minimum level the motor can rotate (50 rpm), not zero. If you need zero rpm, select the RUN/STAND-BY switch.

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