Introducing Fuji Frenic-Mini C2 Series Inverters!

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Introducing Fuji Frenic-Mini C2 Series Inverters!

Postby om_tech_support_JT » Thu Oct 27, 2016 5:34 pm

Oriental Motor USA is proud to announce we have expanded our partner network to now include to Fuji Electric Frenic-Mini Series (C2) Compact Inverters. This inverter series can be used with standard Three-Phase AC motors for controlling speed, saving energy or utilizing many of the additional features for a tailored application. This Frenic-Mini (C2) Compact Inverter (Frenic Mini) is available in Single-Phase 115 VAC or 230 VAC, Three-Phase 230 VAC or Three-Phase 460 VAC with motor HP ranging from 1/8 HP up to 3 HP. This Frenic Mini is a perfect complement to our KIIS series (90W – 200W), FPW (90 W) and the Brother Gearmotor line (1/2 HP – 3 HP). 60W (1/12 HP) motors are possible as well.

Fuji Mini C2 inverter.jpg
Fuji Mini C2 inverter.jpg (24.69 KiB) Viewed 5865 times

Many AC Motors utilize an inverter for speed control or other motor monitoring PID functions. To further penetrate this market, Oriental Motor USA has partnered with Fuji Electric to offer an advanced solution to meet these needs. The Frenic Mini series, available worldwide, meets and exceeds in performance and price within this market. Fuji Electric is a trusted, high quality, Japanese manufacturer well known in the energy
management market. The Frenic Mini is a feature rich, affordable inverter widely used in the USA. Lead times are short and pricing is very attractive.

The Frenic Mini’s features, pricing, accessories and leadtimes are industry leading. With the front panel keypad or free software (available for download and included with each purchase via CD) basic controls are easily accessible. When considering existing applications, the Frenic Mini can offer superior motor control and performance due to its top-of-the line Dynamic Torque Vector Control, V/f Control (Voltage and frequency pattern control) and RS-485 serial networking capability, supported by and industry leading 64 MHz CPU.

Product (Key Feature) Overview:
• 20 models able to control 1/8 HP (90W) up to 3 HP, with input Power Supply Voltages ranging from:
1/8 HP up to 1/2 HP contain 100-120 VAC Input Voltages, 380-480 VAC starts at 1/2 HP and up.

Fuji Mini C2 inverter product lineup.jpg
Fuji Mini C2 inverter product lineup.jpg (104.94 KiB) Viewed 5865 times

Fuji Frenic-Mini C2 inverter keypad.jpg
Fuji Frenic-Mini C2 inverter keypad.jpg (192.95 KiB) Viewed 5865 times

Auto-Tuning – Most popular for basic operation
Using the front pendant or software, the inverter automatically detects the motor constants and saves them as parameters in its internal memory. The auto-tuning function enables the dynamic torque vector control, automatic energy saving operation, and other advanced motor controls to be applied.

For advanced function control, manual input of motor parameters is possible by
enabling the software functions.

Advanced Functions:
Dynamic Torque Vector Control System
To get the maximal torque out of a motor, this control calculates the motor torque matched to the load applied and uses it to optimize the voltage and current vector output. Selecting this control automatically enables the auto torque boost and slip compensation function and disables auto energy saving operation.

Slip Compensation Shortens Setting Time
The inverter’s slip compensation function first presumes the slip value of the motor based on the motor torque generated and raises the output frequency to compensate for the decrease in motor rotation. This prevents the motor from decreasing the rotation due to the slip.

V/f Control
Offers a variety of V/f patterns (Variable frequency) and torque boosts, which include V/f patterns suitable for variable torque load such as general fans and pumps or for special pump load requiring high starting torque.

Fastest CPU Processor (64 MHz) in its Class
• Up to 400 Hz output frequency
Note: When using Oriental Motor / Brother Gearmotors, min and max motor frequency (speeds) are as follows:
OM K2S series 100w Parallel shaft: 3 to 120 Hz (90 to 3,600 rpm)
OM K2S series 100w Right angle shaft: 3 to 80 Hz (90 to 3,000 rpm)
OM K2S series 200w : 3 to 100 Hz (90 to 3,000 rpm)
Brother 1/2~3HP: 5 to 120 Hz (150 to 3,600 rpm)

Network - RS-485 (Modbus-RTU). Does not work with Oriental Motor's FLEX products.

• Flexibility of Remote / Local Operation

Fuji Frenic-Mini C2 inverter - control methods.jpg
Fuji Frenic-Mini C2 inverter - control methods.jpg (102.09 KiB) Viewed 5865 times

• Side-by-Side Mounting is available (max ambient temperature 40°C (104°F).

Fuji Frenic-Mini C2 inverter - side by side mounting.jpg
Fuji Frenic-Mini C2 inverter - side by side mounting.jpg (76.02 KiB) Viewed 5865 times

o DIN Rail Mounting Brackets
o NEMA 1 Kits (IP20)
o Dynamic Braking Option (resistor)
o Remote Mount Keypad
o USB-Equipped Remote Keypad
o Remote Operation Cable (1m, 3m & 5m) lengths

Product Number:
Fuji Frenic-Mini C2 inverter - part number code.jpg
Fuji Frenic-Mini C2 inverter - part number code.jpg (144.17 KiB) Viewed 5865 times

Product Rank & Lead-time:
Inverters: 1-20 pieces (7 business days) from Chicago OM Warehouse
Accessories: 1-5 pieces (7 business days)

For lineup, pricing and part numbers of the Fuji Frenic-Mini C2 series inverters we provide, please click:

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