R27 – 3 channel / 500 Line Encoder Motor Discontinued

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R27 – 3 channel / 500 Line Encoder Motor Discontinued

Postby om_tech_support_JT » Fri Feb 26, 2016 5:34 pm

Due to our supplier discontinuing the R27 encoders (TTL type, 3 channel / 500 line) used on our original RK series and CRK series board type geared motors, including the motor only models of these lines, Oriental Motor USA is discontinuing these motors effective Friday, 2/5/2016. This does not affect the Line Driver type or DC type 5 phase encoder motors (except geared types) in these packages or motor only.

R27 – 3 channel 500 Line Encoder Motor Discontinued.jpg
R27 – 3 channel 500 Line Encoder Motor Discontinued.jpg (12.69 KiB) Viewed 5248 times

Discontinued Products List:
RK Series CRK Series Motor Only
RK543AA-R27 CRK543APR27T10 PK543AW-R27
RK544AA-R27 CRK543APR27T20 PK545AW-R27
RK545AA-R27 CRK543APR27T3.6 PK544AW-R27
RK543AAR27T10 CRK543APR27T30 PK543AWR27T7.2
RK543AAR27T20 CRK543APR27T7.2 PK543AWR27T30
RK543AAR27T3.6 CRK543APR27PS25 PK543AWR27T3.6
RK543AAR27T30 CRK543APR27PS36 PK543AWR27T20
RK543AAR27T7.2 CRK543APR27PS50 PK543AWR27T10
RK543AAR27PS25 CRK545APR27PS10 PK545AWR27PS7
RK543AAR27PS50 CRK545APR27PS7 PK545AWR27PS10
RK545AAR27PS10 CRK543APR27H100 PK543AWR27PS50
RK545AAR27PS5 CRK543APR27H50 PK543AWR27PS36
RK545AAR27PS7 PK543AWR27PS25
RK543AAR27H100 PK543AWR27H50
RK543AAR27H50 PK543AWR27H100

For replacement options, please first check the newer RK2 series or CRK series. The AR series (AC or DC input) is a great plug & play alternative to the RK2 (AC input) or CRK series (DC input) since it offers self-contained, high performance closed-loop operation without having to set up any parameters. Just connect the cables, supply power, and it's ready to go. The AZ series is an even newer version of the AR series which keeps the closed-loop and high efficiency features of the AR series then adds an absolute sensor for tracking absolute position or homing the motor quickly without an external sensor.

For all of our stepper motor systems and stepper motors, please see the product overview page here:
http://www.orientalmotor.com/products/s ... index.html

Our technical support engineers are available to help if you have any questions on any replacement options.
1-800-GO-VEXTA (468-3982)
Se Habla Español: +1-847-871-5931

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