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Electronic Brake for AC speed control motor

Posted: Tue May 03, 2011 7:40 pm
by jasonthoe
As far as i know, MSD/BSD series (AC speed control motor) does include electronic brake system. My question is why there isn't any electronic brake system for AC Speed Control Motor (MSS.W, US and ES01/02 series)?

Re: Electronic Brake for AC speed control motor

Posted: Wed May 04, 2011 9:24 am
by om_tech_support_JT

Thank you for your interest. The MSD/BSD series were designed to include an electromagnetic brake motor with a speed controller. The other series's (MSS-W, US, and ES series) did not have the same intention. If you want an electromagnetic brake motor with accurate speed control, try our BX series brushless motor systems. These systems can offer a superior speed stability of +/- 0.05% even with fluctuations in load (compared to +/- 2~20% with an AC motor system), a wide speed control range (3~3000 rpm range possible; compared to 90~1600 rpm or 200~2400 rpm with an AC motor), and constant torque output throughout the entire speed range. With the extended functions of the OPX-1A digital control module/display, you can even set it to run in position mode, torque-limit mode, or digitally program speed settings into memory.

Click here to read more about the BX series: ... eries.html

An example model number with electromagnetic brake and 30w output would be: BX230AM-A ... /bx230am-a

If you absolutely want to use an AC motor, and speed accuracy is not critical to your application, try using one of our 3-phase AC electromagnetic brake motors with our FE series inverters. However, the electromagnetic brake would have to be independently controlled. Our inverter does not have a function to release the brake.

An example combination of an inverter and a 25w electromagnetic motor would be:
FE100A ... ers/fe100a
4IK25A-SW2M ... ik25a-sw2m