MEXE02 Software Help

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MEXE02 Software Help

Postby Halkey » Wed Nov 02, 2016 11:59 am

This may be a simple problem, but I am new to this and stuck for an answer.

I am using the MEXE02 software to run a simple program on a ARD-KD drive and ARM46BK motor.

Testing with the Teaching/Remote operation.

0 To 180
180 To 0
0 to 90
90 to 0.

I have success with the first 3 steps, but get an Alarm when I add the 4th step (Back to 0)
In the operation data, I have the following settings.
I could not paste the images, please see attachment.

Thanks for any advice.
Operation Data Images.
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Re: MEXE02 Software Help

Postby om_tech_support_JS » Fri Nov 04, 2016 12:35 pm

Hi Halkey,

To answer your question, the AR series can only have 4 data sets linked together. The way that the linked function works is that it will link one line of data to the next line of data. This linked motion will operate off of the previous line of data. This means that you will need to select linked motion in operation data 0 in order to run the next line of motion, line 1.

In your first example, you have 3 lines of linked motion. Therefore, when the data is operated from the Start input, line 0 will be run which would then be linked to line 1, then linked to line 2, and then linked to line 3. Therefore, you already have 4 linked motions you are attempting to operate. You may not see this 4th motion if your line #3 has Incremental 0 position steps as an incremental 0 would be no motion.

On your second image, you have 4 lines of linked motion, which means that you are trying to operate 5 linked motions. Since you can only have 4, you are receiving an alarm code 70 "Abnormal operation data." In order to correct this, change the line #3 operation function to single-motion.

Also, the sequential positioning column will be for an SStart input. The way sequential positioning works is that you can operate the next line of data from the SStart input. So the first time you turn on the SStart input, it runs data #0, the next time you do the SStart input, it would run data #1 and so on for however many lines of effective sequential operation you have. Since you are linking the motion, the sequential column is not being used. You can reference pages 55 and 76 of the manual for the SStart input and sequential positioning operation: ... 065-9E.pdf

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Re: MEXE02 Software Help

Postby Halkey » Fri Nov 04, 2016 12:44 pm

Thanks for all your help.
Very much appreciated.

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