Do the switches apply to USB?

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Do the switches apply to USB?

Postby alands » Sun Sep 11, 2016 8:06 am

I'm struggling to interfacing with this AZD controller.
    MEXE02 connects without issue via USB, regardless of the switch settings
    MEXE02 does NOT connect via a serial adapter to RS-485 cable, multiple baud settings attempted
    Labview receives an echo response to the diagnostic 08h command via serial, but not USB
    ComTest Pro does not connect under any circumstance

Since snapping this photo I've tried several different baud rates, with the same results. What's the secret? It' s not in the manual.

Also, could you please confirm that the depicted controller's ID is 2.

Thank you.
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Re: Do the switches apply to USB?

Postby om_tech_support_JS » Mon Sep 12, 2016 9:25 am

Hi alands,

When connecting the AZD-KD driver to the MEXE02 software, you will need to use a USB to mini B cable. The MEXE02 software will not be able to communicate through an RS-485 Cable.

For a Modbus (RS-485) connection to the driver, we recommend the following USB to RS-485 converter: ... B_v1_0.pdf

You will need to use the RS-485 cable in order to communicate through a different software. Once you have this cable made, you can follow the Guidance section of the manual to start communicating via Modbus. Some key points in setting up the parameters is that the BAUD Rate, Parity, and Stop Bit will all need to match between the driver and the software. The guidance section can be found on page 244 of the link below: ... 60262E.pdf

For further assistance with the connection to Labview, I would advise doing a Keyword search for Labview on our Forum or home page. There have been several posts on this specific subject that have worked for previous customers.

Lastly, the controller's ID which is depicted is set to 2.

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